Our Vision

Everything we do is to make air travel truly sustainable. We build, qualify, and deliver the first commercial hydrogen storage and fuel cell power system for aircraft.

A bright future for air travel.

With H2FLY and our aircraft HY4 we have proven that we can make hydrogen fly. And hydrogen’s potential for the future of aviation is enormous. By the end of this decade, our first commercial fuel cell system will be certified and operational in aircraft applications across the globe. By the early 2030s, our scaled-up system will be certified, operational, and allow to truly decarbonize at least half of the global air traffic.

Over a decade of experience.

We’ve been designing, building, and testing hydrogen-electric aircraft powertrains for more than ten years. From the onset of hydrogen-electric aviation as part of the Antares program of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), to the founding of H2FLY and the development of our own hydrogen-electric demonstrator aircraft HY4, we’ve built the most comprehensive understanding of the potential of hydrogen-electric powertrains in aviation. To realize the dream of truly sustainable air travel for all of us, we’ve built a strong team, ready to fly.

Powerful. Safe. Sustainable.

Hydrogen fuel cells will revolutionize the way we build and operate aircraft, and transform commercial aviation from being one of the largest single contributors to anthropogenic climate change to becoming a sustainable mode of transportation. Aircraft are among the most complex modes of transport allowing safe and time-saving travel. At H2FLY we combine our decades of experience in fuel cell technology and aviation to understand the most critical systems from the application’s perspective and requirements, and deliver hydrogen storage and fuel cell systems of world-leading performance and safety.

A glimpse of the future.

Our Hydrogen Aviation Center at Stuttgart Airport will come to life in 2024 giving our company a brand-new home. Situated at the international Stuttgart Airport and with direct access to the airport’s airfield and engine testing facilities, the Hydrogen Aviation Center will become a focal point to future of Europe’s aviation industry and its hydrogen economy. Co-Funded by the Ministry of Transport Baden Württemberg, the Center will provide fuel cell aircraft integration facilities and support its own liquid hydrogen infrastructure accelerating our mission.