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We demonstrated the first hydrogen powered flight – globally. 

H2FLY – founded by a strong team of engineers and backed by our broad network to take our research and experience to the next level and drive emission-free flying – powered by hydrogen.​


We are growing
Our crew has grown to over 50. We are united in our passion for the dream of sustainable flying and our determination to enable zero-emission aviation iswithin this decade. We just moved to our new development center in Stuttgart with lots of space to grow and realize our vision.


Partnership with Deutsche Aircraft
Our partnership with Deutsche Aircraft to achieve the goal of zero carbon in-flight emissions, by developing a hydrogen
fuel cell-powered Dornier 328 aircraft demonstrator in 2025, is announced.


Onboarding of strategic investor
H2FLY secures large funding volumes both through the onboarding of a strategic investor and a wide range of government-backed research grants.


HY4 in-flight
HY4 celebrates its maiden flight. A test campaign of 32 flights over 4 days proves the scalability of H2FLYs fuel cell powertrain and demonstrates the fast-refueling capability of our hydrogen propulsion system.



Demo flights with redundant architecture
The sixth generation of our powertrain is tested in-flight; long-endurance flight highly redundant powertrain architecture, preparing us for the coming type certification processes.


Founding H2FLY
Josef Kallo and his team focus their research and found H2FLY out of University of Ulm and DLR.

The first H2-powered flight
The world’s first manned and purely hydrogen-powered aircraft takes off. Developed by a team of engineers at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Antares allows a glimpse into the future of aviation.

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