Another world’s first: Liquid hydrogen

Laying the final piece of technical ground work before commercial hydrogen-electric aviation can take off, H2FLY together with it’s partner Air Liquide, is the first company to successfully run its hydrogen-electric powertrain on liquid, cryogenic hydrogen.


A new home for H2FLY

H2FLY announces to build the Hydrogen Aviation Center at Stuttgart Airport, co-funded by the Ministry of Transport in Baden-Württemberg. A new home for our mission and technology, built with a  hydrogen infrastructure and direct access to the airports airfield.


Breaking the world record

Our hydrogen-electric demonstrator aircraft HY4 sets a record crossing the altitude of 7,000 feet,  proving the potential of hydrogen and fuel cells to make sustainable air travel a reality. In the same flight testing campaign, our team realized the world’s first cross-country flight, showcasing that the technology can be embedded in today’s airspace and ground operations.


Partnership with Deutsche Aircraft

Our partnership with Deutsche Aircraft to achieve the goal of zero carbon in-flight emissions, by developing a hydrogen fuel cell-powered Dornier 328 aircraft demonstrator in 2025, is announced.


Onboarding of strategic investor

H2FLY is acquired by the world’s leading eVTOL company Joby Aviation and gains a strong, long term strategic partner. Furthermore, H2FLY wins German and European government-backed research grants to realize the future of sustainable air tavel.


Demo flights with redundant architecture

The sixth generation of our powertrain is tested in-flight. The long-endurance flight and highly redundant powertrain architecture, prepares us for the coming type certification processes.


HY4 is airborne

The HY4 celebrates its maiden flight. A test campaign of 32 flights over four days proves the scalability of H2FLYs fuel cell powertrain and demonstrates the fast-refueling capability of our hydrogen propulsion system.


Founding H2FLY

Josef Kallo and his team focus their research and found H2FLY out of the University of Ulm and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).


The first hydrogen-powered flight

The world’s first manned and purely hydrogen-powered aircraft takes off. Developed by a team of engineers at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Antares allows a glimpse into the future of aviation.