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A decade of research, engineering, and testing 

With H2FLY and our aircraft HY4, we have proven that we can make hydrogen fly. And hydrogen's potential for the future of air mobility is enormous: In the coming years, our powertrain system will be able to provide power to an array of applications, all of which benefit significantly from our high range, zero-emission, and low noise propulsion system.


From air taxis, which can fly over ranges of well over 500 km via a business aircraft with more seats up to regional airplanes with a distance of 2,000 km. One thing they will all have in common: an emission-free, certified, and safe powertrain provided by H2FLY, helping people to travel and connect sustainably and providing the technology to decarbonize aviation.

H2FLY_4seats-h2fly (1).png

air taxi


4-6 passengers with ranges well over 500km

H2FLY_6seats-h2fly (2).png

business aircraft


19 seat aircraft with ranges up to 1500km

H2FLY_40seats-h2fly (2).png

regional aircraft


40 seat aircraft with ranges up to 2000km

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